KINGDOM HEARTS: FINAL MIX New Bosses Keyblades and Abilities New Hearless + Every enemy re-colored New Heartless Cont. New Cutscenes/ Secret Ending Gumi Ship Missions Management (how to get it, where to get it, and how to make it work).

What's up with this whole "final mix" version of kh?

Lets begin with the U.S. and EU versions of the game. Do you remeber fighting Sephirtoh, Kirt Ziza, and the Ice Titan? Well, jap. fans don't. These bosses weren't added to their game, so they got mad. Nomura wanted to make it fair, but didnt want to waste time selling the game again with just the 3 bosses, so he added many other things to "finalze" kingdom hearts(hence the title).

The Extras

Here's a list of the extras in breif: new keyblades, bosses, heartless(every single one re-colored), secret video, cutscenes, gumiship missions, abilities.

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All of the abilities in kingdom hearts: fm were the ones that were avaliable in KH:COM. Fans got to have a taste of this power beforehand, along with the two extra keyblades that were avaliable in COM. You also got to fight the superior (in other words the main boss) of kingdom hearts 2!

This game looks awesome, how do i get it?

Hold on there, this game will only work on a Japanese PS2, meaning that if you want it, you will have to either buy a jap. PS2 or result in other methods. Refer to the "management" chapter for a walkthrough on the best ways to play back-ups and imports on your PS2!